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Of all the possible causes of collisions, what is by far the most common?
The purpose of traffic signs are
Alcohol first affects a driver by
A person can sober up by drinking black coffee and taking a cold shower.
If your brakes fail, you should do which of the following?

I. Shift into a lower gear.
II. Use the emergency brake.
The alternator warning light indicate
The area you can see around you is called
When rounding a curve, a car tends to
A construction zone is indicated by
You are approaching an intersection that has traffic signals. The intersection is
A sign with a yellow background is a
Hydroplaning occurs when your tires
Never remove a radiator cap on a hot engine because
What is a space cushion?
Which of the following statements about speed limits for cars in North Carolina is/are correct?
I. The speed limit outside a city 55 mph unless otherwise posted.
II. The speed limit inside a city is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.
Condition in which a driver is lulled into an inattentive, drowsy state
The correct hand signal for a left turn is
What does the odometer show?
A yellow X on an overhead signal above your lane indicates
Most warning signs are
When you determine how to adjust speed or position, which IPDE step are you using?
Roughly half of all traffic fatalities involve which of the following?
The best place to adjust speed to steer through a curve is
Alcohol begins to affect a person’s abilities
Which roadway marking indicates a no-passing area?
Roads are likely to be especially slick
Overdriving headlights means
The chance of a collision is greatest
A vehicle’s electrical energy is stored in the
When driving on a long trip, you should
The four steps in the IPDE Process are
A light that has just turned green is
The first action to take when making an off-road recovery is to
Antifreeze is used in the
One of the questions you should ask yourself as you are deciding to pass another vehicle is
Which insurance protects you if you are injured by a hit-and-run driver or a driver who has no way to pay costs?
If your brakes fail, you should do which of the following?

I. Shift into a lower gear.
II. Use the emergency brake.
When driving through heavy fog, you should
The area to the rear of the car not seen in mirrors is
When is using a cell phone while driving appropriate?
Black ice
Time your eyes need to regain clear vision after being affected by bright lights
When an emergency vehicle sounds it sirens or used a flashing lights you
Most states have set the level of intoxication at a BAC of
Driver inattention is a major factor in most crashes and near-crashes.
When a moving object hits something, what is the most important factor in determining how hard it hits?
What are the parts of the highway transportation system (HTS)
What is the main purpose for passenger restrictions as part of GDL laws?
In which of the following situations should you use your low beams?

I. At night in the city.
II. In foggy or misty weather.
Conviction for which of the following carries the highest number of points?